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The world of Athens One

“Oh darling, let’s be adventurers!”


Our story



At the Athens One smart boutique hotel in the Athens center


We are not part of a global conglomerate; nor even a local hospitality chain. Ours is a family owned, smart boutique hotel in Athens, designed with the savvy cosmopolite in mind. Fueled by a chronic case of wanderlust, we tapped into our 30 year experience in marketing and imports; teamed up with the leaders in construction and created Athens One: A chic but mostly smart abode, at the reborn core of Greece’s capital. As avant garde yet meaningful, as the Modernist principles in which it is encased. And by which it is inspired:

Form follows function, in our case, too. For at the Athens One, your smart boutique hotel in Athens, nothing is in excess, nothing is missing, and everything is in place for a reason. Rather than- just- to impress, design here serves a purpose: That of fulfilling real human needs, in the optimum manner. For a seamless and smooth, slow paced, absolutely current and most enjoyable travel experience, that enables you to be comfortably you.


A smart Athens hotel that speaks of its time and place, but aims for timelessness.

Well versed into the joys of globe spanning; our rationale is unmistakable: We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us. Yet, whether solo, with friends and family, your better half, for business or pleasure and everything in between, leaving your couch -and comfort zone- doesn’t mean you have to abandon worldly comforts too.


Cutting a long story short, when we saw this historic property in an up and coming neighborhood of Athens’ downtown, we got excited by the potential.

Drawn by the building’s fascinating past (a den of freedom fighters in WW2!) and elegant proportions, we decided to breathe new life into it: Reinvent its use and function, in line with the zeitgeist, whilst preserving its timeless form and aesthetic.


The result is Athens One: A smart boutique hotel in Athens, as trailblazing, original and functional, as is its exemplary modernist architecture. An eco conscious, yet sumptuous abode for the contemporary globetrotters: Jetsetters on a city break, business commuters meeting in the capital, trend scouters- and setters, epicureans, urban explorers, party animals, history buffs, inspiration seeking artists, love doves and solo high flyers. All of them expecting the royal treatment -without the pretentiousness- whilst yearning for the kick of authentic, slow paced experiences.