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The world of Athens One

Smart sophistication
with a dash of audacity


Go Back to the Future



A perfectly balanced amalgam of past, present & future

A premium, smart boutique hotel in Athens’ historic city center, the Athens One boasts a fascinating past, intriguing present and exciting future. Inaugurated in 1938, a few years later, this exemplary modernist building was to become a revolutionaries’ hideout during WW2. Their writings on the wall-cries for freedom– remain intact up to nowadays: A proud and solemn reminder of the Greeks’ considerable bravery and struggles, at the hotel’s basement, they are bound to touch a chord. But this is not the only historic element that has been preserved: Original features such as high beamed ceilings, a caged elevator, stained glass windows, art deco banisters and balustrades and whenever possible floorings have been carefully restored, setting the tone. All modifications and additions have been made in the same spirit: Maximum convenience, snug ease, neoteric advances and eternal style. In the case of Athens One, modernist principles have been reinterpreted in line with current imperatives; offering cutting edge comfort to the contemporary, savvy globetrotters.


Cutting edge technology meets understated luxury, timeless elegance and an enduring hospitality ethos

Modern, luxurious materials are used throughout the Athens One; whilst smart solutions abound. There are plush pillows, organic fibres and sweet smelling eco products; natural mattresses and beddings; and state of the art sound proofing for real privacy and peace. This smart Athens hotel also boasts a distinctly artistic disposition: Think non beige minimalism with swashes of colour, rotating original artwork and one of a kind designer pieces. But perhaps most importantly, at your new savvy abode at the center of Athens, you’ll find an all permeating, non pretentious, lighthearted and humorous sense of cheek. Like the bathroom saying hello with a wink. According to what the zeitgeist mandates, the Athens One also affords ample opportunities for socialization in its specially designated nooks merging the private with the public: An all day cafe-bar, a gym, a library, an exhibition area, a music corner and a TV space. And that’s not to mention two polymorphic, multifunctional business centers- conference rooms; where apart from work, movie screenings and the hosting of talks are among the options.