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The world of Athens One

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At the Athens One smart hotel in the Athens center

In the past decade Athens has been wounded. Badly. But Europe’s most ancient corner once again proves remarkably resilient. As in so many times in its history through the eons, the glorious city of the goddess of wisdom, proudly wears its scars and moves on. Nowadays Athens is reinventing itself as a contemporary Mecca for artists, bohemians and forward thinkers. All this excitement and buzz is nowhere more vividly manifested than at its historic core. Right where the Athens One is located. Base yourself at this premium smart hotel in Athens and set about exploring.


Athens: Reloaded

Granted the area is still rough around the edges. But this is part of its charm: You’ll wine and dine in the finest style less than 1 km away; but you’ll also get to taste the best falafel in town just around the corner. The treasure laden archaeological museum is mere minutes away; and so is another domestic treasure: The remarkable neoclassical, Ziller designed, National Theatre opposite the equally regal church of Agios Kostantinos. So just popping out of your smart boutique lodgings in Athens, for a dose of cultureand eye candy- is certainly an option. Likewise in the Athens center you’ll find the most happening bars-  posh, eccentric or alternative- whatever catches your fancy; trendsetting galleries; voguish shops; important landmarks and monuments you shouldn’t go without. Options around the Athens One locale are vast, thrilling and varied. Take your pick as your mood strikes you!