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The world of Athens One

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At the Athens One smart hotel in downtown Athens

You take your coffee black with a hint of brown sugar. Temperature should be no more, but no less than 22o C; and lighting always moody. Yet you shouldn’t have to repeat all this every time. You care about the environment and have very little appetite for bureaucratic procedures. You’d like to do a bit of work whilst traveling; check your emails and catch up on your social media. Alas without the usual hassle and delays of hotel wifi’s. After all you’d rather spend your moments in Athens more productively. Sometimes you wanna order breakfast in bed, but can’t be bothered to pick up the phone. Or you have this online payment to make but are worried about going on line through a hotel’s system. Fret no more. At the Athens One smart hotel in the city center we’ ve got you covered: Our signature blend of smart perks, cutting edge solutions and innovative uses of space, allow you to live, work and play, exactly as you desire. Staying at the Athens One means that you are free to just be, comfortably you.  


Smart, high tech, bespoke solutions enabling you to be you.

The Athens One smart hotel in Athens is all about feel good novelty and innovation. We boast our own fiber optic, proprietary, tech savvy software and eco conscious automations. Which means that you get to have your personal hotspot for a seamless, super fast internet connection. Like home. Security for online transactions is guaranteed also; so you may proceed with peace of mind. Check in is fast and easy; whilst you’ll be personally welcomed upon arrival. You’ll also have your own 40” Samsung smart TV to look up the weather, the Nasdaq or the hottest Athens restaurant and bars, depending on your mood and needs. You may even use your smart TV to order in a glorious Greek breakfast, fresh towels or other goodies, without talking to no one. Or having to repeat how you like your coffee. Then you’ll certainly enjoy our host of clever perks and accessories: Like the smart table that charges your phone or laptop. Or the just- right- for- you, temperature and lighting greeting you every time you enter your room at the Athens One smart hotel.

And should you be feeling more sociable you may head to our music corner to exchange tracks and views with the like minded. As is the Athens One all day cafe, bar restaurant, this too constitutes a new hub of socialization in the city. We also know that you like to take care of yourself-body and mind- and this is why we have put together a fully equipped gym and sauna. But we moreover offer you some food for thought: Movie nights are on at the Athens One screening area. You may also watch rare documentaries about Athens and its landmarks. If something inspires you we’d be happy to tailor design a tour.

In so many words, at this smart Athens hotel, you get to write the story of your stay, through our exclusive and extensive range of fully customized options. This is what designing your stay at Athens’ premier city hotel is all about.