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The world of Athens One

Blends business and pleasure


Do Business with pleasure



At your smart Athens hotel

You might have to work whilst in Athens. Perhaps even this is the main reason of your visit.

But it doesn’t have to be a drag. Whether for a conference, a symposium or a meeting, get inspired- and rather than toil-  perform smarter at the Athens One state of the art, comfortable business centers. They are two of them; though varying in dimensions, all come equipped with the latest technological perks. Including a super fast and secure internet connection. They are polymorphic too, able to adapt to different party sizes, compositions and needs.

And after a good-or more precisely clever- day’s work you’ ll be free to play at the reborn center of the Greek capital. Within the vicinity, or inside this novel smart boutique hotel in Athens.


Business made easy at the Athens One

A tech savvy, smart hotel in the center, the Athens One positively blends business and pleasure, in its two polymorphic business centers, located on the beautifully renovated ground floor. Boasting a total capacity of 60,  cutting edge technology and the most efficient staff, the Athens One business rooms, may be used combined or separately for a variety of functions: Company conferences -or games, partner meetings, symposiums, product launches– and pretty much everything a contemporary corporation or business person might need.